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Disclaimer: By registering online for a job through p ĭ ē recruitment, you undertake to comply strictly with the following rules and regulations. Any breach or non-observance of such rules and regulations will result in your application being void.
1.The Job Application Process is open to all residents of Saudi Arabia.
2.Online Job Application will run till a certain date which is determined by p ĭ ē recruitment or its clients.
3.Candidates certify that the information contained in their application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Candidates understand that to falsify information is grounds for refusing to hire them, or for discharge should they be hired in the future.
4.Candidates authorize any person, organization or company listed on their application to furnish p ĭ ē recruitment all information concerning their previous employment, education and qualifications for employment. Candidates also authorize p ĭ ē recruitment to request and receive such information.
5.Candidates understand that even they are not guaranteed any Job through or at p ĭ ē recruitment even though they completed their online application for a Job.
6.Candidates understand that if they are called for an Interview they will need to bring along certificates or any other relevant documents as per their online application.
7.Candidates agree to waive any claim against p ĭ ē recruitment and its partners and/or service providers against any losses or damages of any kind in connection with this Online Job Application, as well as any claim based on any alleged breach of privacy rights.
8.p ĭ ē recruitment reserves the right to terminate this Online Job Application at any time and without notice. In the event of such termination, participants shall have no claim or recourse against p ĭ ē recruitment, its partners, service providers, sponsors, its advertising and promotional agencies, distributors and their respective employees.
9.By applying for any Job through p ĭ ē recruitment, a Candidate is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
10.The only way/channel to apply to a job opening published through p ĭ ē recruitment is through the specified URL/Link addresses which is shared with you through the formal p ĭ ē recruitment email address and not through any other web address, channel or method.