Recruiting the Future..
515Sales Executive1Riyadh
514HR operations manager1Riyadh
512Kitchen Helper1Riyadh
510Pizza Chef1Riyadh
509Line Cook1Riyadh
506Assistant Cook1Riyadh
505Pastry- Bakery CDP (CHEF DE PARTIE)1Riyadh
504Senior Sous Chef1Riyadh
503Head Chef1Riyadh
502Waitress / Waiter1Riyadh
501Hostess/ Host1Riyadh
500Receiver Data Admin1Riyadh
499Restaurant Supervisor1Riyadh
498Restaurant Manager1Riyadh
497Marketing Supervisor Mobile Application1Riyadh
496HR Consultant1Riyadh
495Manager - Operations1Riyadh
494HR Organization Development Manager1Riyadh
493Restaurant & cafe Manager1Riyadh
491GM Operation (Food & Beverage production)1Riyadh
490Specialist - Project Management1Riyadh
489Specialist - Partnerships1Riyadh
488Manager - Corporate Performance1Riyadh
487Economical Studies Specialist1Riyadh
486Data Specialist1Riyadh
485Knowledge Management Specialist1Riyadh
484Legal affairs specialist1Riyadh
483Business Development Manager1Riyadh
482Strategy management Specialist1Riyadh
481Ecommerce CEO1Riyadh
479R&D Pastry/Cake production manager1Riyadh
477Chocolate Chef1Riyadh
476Executive (Pastry & Sweets)1Riyadh
475Packaging procurement specialist1Riyadh
474Store Sales Representative1Riyadh
473director of movement Administration1Riyadh
472Production Manager1Riyadh
471Cost Accountant1Riyadh
470Business Development Manager1Riyadh
469Tourism Customer Care Specialist - Madinah5Medina
468Tourism Customer Care Specialist-Dammam5Dammam
467GIS Developer5Riyadh
466Power BI Specialist5Riyadh
465Tourism Customer Care Specialist1Riyadh
464Business Development Executive (Female)2
462Automotive Spare parts director2
461Car Sales Representative2
460Career consoller /Social service (Tamheer Program)2

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1.The Job Application Process is open to all residents of Saudi Arabia.
2.Online Job Application will run till a certain date which is determined by Potential Innovations Enterprise (PiE) or its clients.
3.Candidates certify that the information contained in their application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Candidates understand that to falsify information is grounds for refusing to hire them, or for discharge should they be hired in the future.
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